Online Coaching

I love coaching people online and so far have a good track record of helping people through the use of technology and video calls

Weight Loss

I'm not a huge fan of the treadmill or bike for an hour straight and believe there are far more enjoyable & effective ways of dropping a dress or shirt size. 

Muscle Gain

I started weight training at 16 because I was "skinny", it has always been the main focus of my training and love sharing training ideas and tips I have learnt from my own experience.

Strength Training

In early 2017 I weighed 76kg. I could bench 100kg, Squat 170kg and Deadlift 200kg. I'm far from being a pro powerlifter but I have a good idea of what needs to be done to increase strength.

Sports Conditioning

Safe to say I have been a sports fanatic from a young age and will continue to be, its a passion of mine. I am a qualified sports conditioner and happy to help you improve attributes relating too your field of sport.

Outdoor Fitness

As a qualified outdoor fitness trainer I can train yourself or a group of friends in rain or sunshine. 

Group Exercise

Whether your a gym looking for a PT to deliver a group class, a business or a group of friends that want an instructor I'm a qualified group instructor so get in touch.


Worried about losing mobility in your later years? Exercise is the key, I will be able to help you with exercises that are most effective when Elderly and help prolong an active lifestyle.

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